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AboutThe Culimayo's

The Culimayo's from The Mayo Sisters are 100% plant based and sugar free and made with pure natural ingredients. They are gluten-free and lactose-free, contain omega 3 and 6 and do not contain any additives.

Our well-known Classic culimayo has an authentic French taste, nice and creamy and with a nice acidity.

The Truffle culimayo is made with real black truffle and has a nice non-predominant taste.
* Our truffles are localized by experienced people and harvested manually. This process has been checked, approved and certified by V label, click on the V label for our certificate.

The Piri Piri culimayo is made from its own blend of herbs with beautiful spicy flavors and pleasant smoky nuances.

Our Aioli is made from pure garlic paste which gives it a fine velvety taste.

All Culimayo's are vegan and produced without sulfite and without EDTA (E385).

We are approved by and partner of (click on the V label for our certificate):


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aboutthe mayo sisters

We are Helen and Martine Hissink, better known as The Mayo Sisters. We know what good food taste like. We grew up in a lovingly warm Amsterdam family with beautiful memories of cooking together and enjoying meals.

We’ve enjoyed endless summers in France and long meals with delicious food and wine at our kitchen tables with our friends and family. 

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