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We started Chefs & Co in 2014, a local deli where we cooked homemade meals with a lot of passion and dedication for our customers. We changed our concept to Chefs Poulet & Frites in 2016 and with Frites comes mayonnaise, and naturally, this had to be homemade.

This was the start of a new adventure and it founded our passion for mayonnaise.

We’ve put a lot of thought and care into our brand and products, even our brand logo has a reference to our family Coat of Arms. This is our way to keep it personal and it makes us proud of our mayo and our family.


After a few years of development, with our friends and family as our critics, we made a conscious choice to focus on developing a mayo and not a mayonnaise. What is the difference? A mayo is mayonnaise without using eggs. Our priority as developers is to maintain the texture and keep the authentic French taste, smooth and creamy with a subtle acidity. We are focussing on the current food trends in the market and want to serve tomorrows consumers.

Our mayo is vegan and 100% plant based, sugar free, gluten free and lactose free, free from GMO and without any added artificial colours or flavours. Our mayo has 15% less fat than regular mayonnaise but we managed to keep the taste and the texture.

This is what makes our mayo exceptional, it’s a mayo for everyone.

We are currently developing our products without any added artificial preservatives.

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Our mayo has been tested several times by a panel consisting of family, chefs, journalists, bloggers and caterers and all agree: the mayo of The Mayo Sisters is indistinguishable from a real mayonnaise!

Read more about this under the heading Media.

This motivates us to further expand the range to include a piri piri mayo from our own spice mix, black truffle mayo and an aioli.

We are the developer of sauces and products on a vegetable basis and without the addition of sugar, making our sauces suitable for everyone. The mayonnaise is also available for food service.

The Mayo Sisters have been working with Good Food Partners since March 2020 under the name The Sauce & Spice Company BV.