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AboutThe Mayo

We are Helen and Martine Hissink, or better known as The Mayo Sisters.

Our mayo is a 100% plant based, sugar free mayo that has an authentic French taste, creamy with a nice subtle acidity.

It's a mayo for everyone and that makes us very proud.


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aboutthe mayo sisters

We know what good food taste like. We grew up in a lovingly warm Amsterdam family with beautiful memories of cooking together and enjoying meals.

We’ve enjoyed endless summers in France and long meals with delicious food and wine at our kitchen tables with our friends and family. 

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In the Media
  • Women - Telegraaf

    "I hardly tasted the difference with regular mayo," says Marjolein Hurkmans culi expert from the Dutch news paper Telegraaf today. We get a 9.

    11 JULI 2020
  • Culy: The Mayo Sisters make the tastiest mayonnaise

    The ladies of the mayo sisters have been running a fine food store in Amsterdam-Zuid since 2013 where people came to get liters of their delicious mayonnaise. They make them the French way, with a slightly sour taste. By accident they discovered that their mayo in a vegan version was just as delicious. Now they hope to conquer the world with The Mayo Sisters. Read the whole article in Dutch.

    Culy, 22 March 2020
  • The latest hype: veganaises - sometimes seriously tasteful

    The majority of plant-based mayos are unfortunately very sweet for inexplicable reasons. However, there are also seriously tasty ones. The ultimate example of this comes from Amsterdam: the vegetable mayonnaise from The Mayo Sisters is so good that it cannot be distinguished from the real thing.

    Het Parool, 04 March 2020
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